mardi 15 septembre 2015

DIY Organizing Backpack Station

Let’s face it…we all long for some type of structure and/or organization.  Some people buy calendars and post-it notes.  Others sync their computers to their phones and set auto reminders. Regardless of how you strive for organization…make sure it is something that will work for you and your family.

diy backpack organizer
For me…it is having a command station…a system so to speak that everyone in my family understands so we always know what is going on…even if we don’t actually speak to each other.   (Btw…with 3 teenagers, full-time sports, 2 companies, a filming schedule and a blog, sometimes my husband and I are like 2 ships passing in the night. lol.  I’m sure at least some of you can relate)
Last week, I shared the first piece of our 4 week Back to School “Clear the Clutter” project series: the DIY Key and Mail Organizational System. If you missed it…make sure you check it out!
This week I am showing you how to make your own DIY Organizing station for backpacks (and lunchboxes if needed).
We’ve all been there. The kids get home…they throw their backpacks, coats, books and shoes on the ground wherever they land right?!? The way to get rid of the chaos at the front {or garage} door is to provide an organized area for their belongings.
Easy DIY Backpack Organizing System
This DIY Backpack Station is the second piece of our 4 week Back to School “Clear the Clutter” project. You can use one as a stand alone piece or all of them as a complete wall organizer.

Easy DIY organizing backpack station
Cut List
  • 2’ x 4’  ¾” Purebond Stain-grade Maple Plywood
  • 1” x 3” Maple Trim boards cut to the following sizes:
    • (2) boards at 48″
    • (3) boards at 19″
easy diy organizing backpack stations
1)  Cut your trim pieces using the cut list above.  (Diva Tip:  You can have Home Depot cut all of these trim boards for you!)
easy diy organizing backpack station
3)  Stain all pieces using the Minwax Espresso stain.  Let dry according to manufacturer’s instructions and then clear coat with a fast-dry polyurethane.
Easy DIY organizing Backpack Station
4)  Once the trim pieces have completely dried,  it’s time to attach the trim boards to the 2×4 sheet stained plywood.   Lay out your trim pieces and using your air-nailer, attach the boards.

Easy DIY organizing backpack station
5)  Pre-drill the holes for the wall pockets & where you want the knobs that will hold your backpacks and/or lunch boxes.
 6)  Hang the wall pockets and attach the knobs in the pre-drilled holes.

My boys will be responsible for putting all the paperwork that comes home in the wall pockets. That way I can read it and keep what I need to keep, fill out what needs to be filled out and toss what needs to be tossed.
Easy DIY organizing backpack station
I also love the idea of them using the second knob for their lunch box.  When they want to take their lunch, they need to hang the lunch box on the knob the night before.  Otherwise…it’s school lunch!